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adFreeqTM adPortalsTM are FREE, self-contained marketplace apps that can be installed in minutes on any website or blog, providing personalized, in-context classified ads for your readers and a great revenue stream for you.  adPortals are are elegantly designed and configured to match the look of any site and display ads directly related to the content of that site.  They harness the power of social media and the ever-growing adFreeq Network to bring unlimited, searchable and geo-filterable classified ads to your readers. Visitors can browse classified ads, search for anything that interests them, or place their own ads, all within the self-contained adPortal.  Or they can expand to access the added functionality of our adBoardTM view, all without leaving your site.  And the best part is, you share 70% of revenue generated from ads purchased on your site!

Key features of adFreeq:

  • IT’S FREE:  the adFreeq system is FREE for all blogs and websites.
  • REVENUE SHARING:  adFreeq offers a generous, integrated revenue-sharing model that pays publishers every time a customer places an enhanced ad on your site. It’s private-labeled and customizable to fit your site.
  • PERSONALIZED AD DELIVERY:  Ads are delivered to readers based on their behavior which makes them more likely to buy, thereby offering a unique value proposition to sellers and generating more revenue for you!
  • CLOUD BASED:  There is no equipment to buy and no complicated programming necessary to implement adFreeq on your site today.  adFreeq features easy integration into media sites, blogs, and mobile devices via JavaScript embed or a WordPress plug-in (coming soon).
  • REAL-TIME ADS:  adFreeq aggregates ads from social web services like Twitter and Facebook to provide rich ad content that will keep readers coming back to your site.  Ads continually refresh in our unique adPortals at a rate you select.
  • SET YOUR OWN PRICES: adFreeq lets you set your own ad pricing and share 70% of the revenue.
  • MEDIA-RICH PHOTO ADS:  For a (recommended) small fee, sellers can post photo ads with up to 4 photos, audio files, or a video in professionally designed templates.
  • DYNAMIC ADPORTALS:  adFreeq adPortals are standalone javascript widgets or WordPress plug-ins that can be embedded “in context” to any page on a web site, not just the “classifieds” section.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LOOK AND FEEL:  adFreeq adPortals can be placed on any page on your site.  adFreeq’s unique adPortal Builder allows you to customize nearly every visual aspect of the channel to complement your brand and match the context of the page on which each channel will reside.
  • CONTROLLED CHANNEL CONTENT:  adFreeq’s adPortal Builder allows you to control the default category and subject matter of the channel to fit the context in which it will appear.  For example, a television station can assign a default search for sports memorabilia in an adPortal on their web site’s sports page.
  • INTEGRATED REPORTING: Track the effectiveness of your ad programs as well as your revenue earned through adFreeq’s integrated reporting system, or you can download your data and create just the report you want.
  • AD SOURCE FILTERING: Control the sources of ads being displayed, and/or geo-select for only local or regional ads.  For example –  Publishers can offer a channel with just their own unique ads for one specific zip code on a local community web page.
  • API: Publishers can use the adFreeq API to upload ads in bulk to our system or access ads they want to print in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Click one of the links below for more information:

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